My writing is a bit scattered all over the internet, most of it from other blogs, internships, and general freelancing.

Hello Giggles:Being adopted makes me feel like I’m only Asian American with an asterisk.

YR Media:Five Things to Consider Before You Throw Away Your Old Devices” and “Mental Health Isn’t Taboo for These 3 Asian Pacific American Groups.”

Kore Asian Media:On the Case: Q&A with ‘BKPI’ Creator Hye Yun Pak.” and “Q&A: Jubilee’s Jason Y. Lee On ‘Save My Seoul’ & New Directions.

Kundiman:A Conversation with Nicole Chung.

The Slant: “From ‘subtle asian traits’ to a new community in the Asian Creative Network

Mochi Magazine: “Angry Asian Girls Shatter Expectations of Being an Angry, Asian Girl” and “ASPIRE celebrates 18 years of connecting young women in the Boston area

Forbes.com contributor, e-readers and digital publishing

E-Readers Other Than The Amazon Kindle For Last Minute Gifts.

Five Of The Biggest E-Reader And Digital Publishing News From 2018.”

How To Read OverDrive Library Books On An E-Reader.”

Where To Find The Best Online E-Book Deals.”

Tips On Using An iPad As A Go-To E-Reader.”

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East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) blog, spring 2018

Who is Nadya Okamoto?

The most empowering Olympics (aka the 13 Asian American athletes at PyeongChang who give me life).

Following Constance Wu into the Resistance (I’d follow her anywhere tbh).

Can I use memes to address toxic masculinity in online spaces?

Boston Magazine, summer 2017

The Best Sights to Look Out for at Boston Comic Con 2017.

A House in Allston Has Become a Public Art Project.

What to Expect at the Tenth Annual Boston Comic Con.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About JFK’s Birthplace.

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Kollaboration.org, intern fall 2016 and blog writer 2014-2015

‘Haikus on Hotties’ Returns for Another Year of Asian American Hotness.

Five Times Philippa Soo Stole the Show and Made ‘Hamilton’ About Eliza.

Keeping it local: Hanging out at the East Meets West Bookstore block party.

Behind the scenes at the 2014 Boston Asian American Film Festival.

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IES Abroad blogger, summer 2016

Locked Classroom Door Means a Stroll in Zhongshan Park.

Tech Behind the Great Firewall.

A Big City is a Big City is a Big City.

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Emerson College class assignment, spring 2015

Boston’s stop-and-frisk is more harmful than you think.