Photos from the Vulture Festival pop trivia from team Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Who brings a hand-made sign to Vulture Festival? “Crazy Ex” Fans #TeamBUNCHofCHANpions 5ever.

A few weeks ago, I sat around twiddling my thumbs when my friend sent me the link to the Vulture Festival in New York City. Special guests included panels with the cast of “Riverdale,” a discussion with Stephen Colbert, a taping/ show with 2 Dope Queens, and so much more. It was a great line up, but my friend and I kept our eyes on the prize: Pop trivia with the cast of Orange Is the New Black versus the cast of Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

I’ve written before how I fell in love with Crazy Ex, and why I believe everyone else should love it too. It’s an absurdist, whimsical, pointed rom-com that’s also a musical — what more does a person need? So given the chance to spend two hours watching the main cast, we stood in line an hour early, speed-walked our way through registration, and sat front row to all the shenanigans.

And damn. There were shenanigans. And while I tried to sit and enjoy the moment, I still took a few photos for all to enjoy. But they are still really poor quality. But enjoy!

Pretty sure the other team got the answer wrong?
Vinny is READY (Can I call him Vinny?)
I don’t remember what happened here, Vinny might have been dancing?
Team Crazy Ex is here supporting Donna in the final round

Thank you Vulture for the amazing festival, and the great line up of guests. It’s one thing to see talented and hilarious women on TV, it’s an even better thing to see them in person from the front row.
Also, both Rachel Bloom and Vincent Rodriguez said they loved my sign, so the pun stands.

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