Brightening my week with the“Perfectly Imperfect” podcast

It’s like if Christine Chen and Regina Fang were you older sisters.

Y’know that feeling when someone tells you the exact thing you just really needed to hear, even if you didn’t know you needed it? That’s what listening to Christine Chen and Regina Fang’s new podcast “Perfectly Imperfect” feels like every week.

Hosts and long-time friends Christine Chen and Regina Fang decided to start “Perfectly Imperfect” as a chance to share their stories as women with others, having honest conversations about life, hopes, success, dreams, and failures. Both women know what it’s like misunderstanding your family, struggling through school, figuring life out post-grad, and working in a boy’s club and want to share their experiences.

Unlike my other fave women-led podcast “2 Dope Queens,” “Perfectly Imperfect” has a very casual, genuine feel. It really does seem as if Fang and Chen are your older sisters, just being cool and talking in the living room with you. Where “Queens” hosts Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson are putting on a (KICK ASS) deliberate show to entertain and educate their audience, Fang and Chen talk almost as if they’re not aware of their listeners. “Perfectly Imperfect” isn’t here to entertain the masses, but be friends to lean on.

They’ve only done nine episodes so far, and I love the variety of topics they cover — some submitted or requested by fans. When most people think of offering advice to young girls and women, they immediately go straight for romantic help. While healthy relationships are important (and a dominant ideal enforced on young women) it’s not our only concern. And I feel like Chen and Fang are one of the few people — probably because they, too, are young women — who really get that. They look at their (I assume) mostly young female audience and see them as multi-faceted people with all sorts of daily struggles, just like both of them.

Each episode of “Perfectly Imperfect” — also, I love this name! It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Jane Austen’s Emma, “Faultless, despite all her faults.” — is about half an hour long, perfect for most commutes. I’m excited to see where the hosts take the podcast in the future!

P.S.: Because Christine Chen is an amazing human being, she’s started a special series of one-on-one chats with her followers who need someone to talk to about anything and everything. Through Skype or Google, people sign up here and Christine handles the rest. It’s a really sweet opportunity for people who feel like they have no one to talk to, and trust me on this, Christine is an angel who makes it seem like you’re already old friends. What should have been a 30 or 40 minute interview turned into an hour and a half conversation and my favorite profile ever.

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